"live the adventure

with a new vision"

live the adventure with a new vision

BEST TOURS is a tour operator in Egypt for 27 years. our company was established in 2014 in Austria We have a lot of experience all over the world.

We are a specialist in medical tourism in Egypt, offering cultural tourism, and all tourism services around the world, we guarantee the best service, and the best price that is not competitive.

Our slogan (live the adventure with a new vision) comes from our vision, we want you to experience Egypt in a different way to visit Egypt like never seen before.

EGYPT is one of the richest countries in the world, when it comes to medical tourism. Additionally, Siwa Oasis is one of the world’s most impressive natural reserves. In March 2017 Siwa announced the global center for medical and environmental tourism.

EGYPT has the three main elements that support medical tourism Water Sand and Sun, Moreover we have medical herbs in the desert as well.


Feel comfortable & safety and have fun with our various services.

BEST TOURS is a professional Tour Operator based in Austria. We understand the importance of guest experience and strive to deliver memorable tours and a level of customer service that couldn't be found anywhere else.

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